Just Frugality shares how we (Sarah and Kevin) organize our life and finances, along with thoughts and tips to help forge your own path to financial independence. Living really well does not have to cost a lot.

  • We are in our late-30’s and parents to a toddler
  • We have a mortgage, a car, a dog, and other “normal” trappings
  • We work part-time and earn a total of about $65k per year
  • We save or give away more than 50% of our income
  • We are “semi-retired” and take regular, multi-month sabbaticals
  • We spend (excluding housing) about $22k in a normal year

When asked how we do this, we say: “It’s just frugality.” We haven’t discovered the meaning of life. Not everything we do is transferable to others. And we’ve been damn lucky in many ways. Still, we hope our experience is helpful to you. Read on to learn more.

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