Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you live?
Colorado. The cost of housing where we live is about 25% above the national average. We lived in Austria during 2015-2016.
What do you do for work?
Sarah is a speech therapist. Kevin is a data scientist. We are both self-employed and work about 20 hours per week. Our overall hourly wage is $35-40 per hour.
Your expenses can't really be that low. What are you leaving out?
Nothing. We explain how we count spending for accounting purposes. We treat mortgage principal and home improvement as savings (not expenditure), and mortgage interest doesn’t include the portion that we deduct as a rental expense for the other apartment in our duplex. Yes, our spending is low compared to most of our friends and family, but millions of Americans live on far less.
Do you have health insurance?
Yes. Since we do not have employer-based insurance (both self-employed), we are eligible for income-based ACA subsidies for private insurance or (in some years) Medicaid.
How do you handle child care?
We do it ourselves. We each work about 20 hours per week, and our schedules are flexible enough to allow one of us to always be “on duty” with our 3-year-old.
Why don't you make more money?
We could work more, maximize income, and accumulate wealth as fast as possible. But we would be less free and less happy along the way. No, thanks. That said, we do have sympathy for the argument that one should maximize income for the sake of charitable giving. We are looking hard at ways to generate more social benefits from our frugality.